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Personal Development Group Coaching

I can help you to unlock your hidden dreams and turn your personal potential into success so that you can live a balanced,and fruitful life. I have helped a number of people, who have suffered from anxiety, and turned their lives around and found that God’s grace had had a tangible effect. My Personal Development Group Coaching is focused on personal growth, free of judgement, and includes workshops on Spirituality, Addiction, Fitness, Communication, Restructuring, Motivation, Work and Management, Relationships, and Personal Accountability. My services are given from the depth of a heart longing to help individuals reach their God given potentials. You can rest assured that my strategy is tailored to your individual needs. I can help you find God’s perfect will for your life, career or business.

Mentoring & Vision Development

Sandra looks to provide hope to those who are in need and provide a platform for mentoring and connection. Sandra is particularly interested in skills and vision development to grow her own personal/professional calling and to promote the personal development of others. Her major areas of interest include spirituality, religious institutions, the unique challenges of sexual violence, and the importance of nurturing others and not judging their individual challenges. Sandra loves working with members of a diverse range of backgrounds and faiths, and truly wants to build bridges across culture, while respecting and not distancing from differences. Sandra also appreciates the opportunity to use God’s power to empower others.

Message from Sandra

I run a spiritual, christian life coaching company in Toronto that is dedicated to creating vibrant, highly effective, and affordable environments for spiritual growth and the pursuit of God’s perfect will for your life. I am a certified and qualified Master Life Coach that serves Toronto and the GTA. I have worked with many people in the past and I am very confident in my skills and the results that I deliver. I am dedicated to helping people discover themselves and gain the skills they need to take control of their lives and improve their lives. Life Coaching is my passion and I want to give back by giving back to those who need me. My christian life coaching services in Brampton have literally lifted many lives by the help & power of the Holy Spirit. I look to help you like I’ve helped hundreds of others!

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Professional Life Coaching Services in Brampton

If you are searching for a life coach in Brampton, look for someone who knows life well, has a good reputation, and has proven that he or she can deliver high quality advice from a christian perspective. This could be something in the form of a book, a course, or videos you have watched online. If you are looking for advice, look for someone who has actually faced the same situation that you are facing, or someone who is willing to share their experience. (I’ve been there, so I know what you’re going through). This is a must to ensure that you can get the information you need and apply it to your life. If you don't have time to get advice, you can always speak to someone you know. It is the best way to get information about something that may interest you, or someone who might know what you are looking for. This way, you can get the best advice from a trusted person, who could possibly also provide you with the help you need.

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My name is Sandra Dalziel, your Intuitive Brampton Life Coach & Career Coach. I would love to see if we are a good fit to work together. My private coaching packages are designed to get leaders just like YOU off to a great start. I have a wealth of experience helping business owners, employees, personal projects, and team building events with my Love of Life coaching approach. I am a Licensed and Certified Life Coach & Intuitive Coach through the one-on-one life coaching sessions in Brampton. I work with both men and women. I am happy to work with you and I will always love you unconditionally. As an accomplished speaker, I help other authors, speakers, private industry, athletes, artists, and business owners increase their conversions, promote their work, & propel their careers. Call or contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation. I look forward to helping you grow your personal and professional profile and achieve the professional success you deserve.

Best Small Business Strategic Consulting Services in Brampton

It's important to have support in your life, and business. A life coach can be a great partner in your work and in your life. You might find yourself in a situation (personally or corporately) where you need to take action or push yourself to make a change, but can't do it alone. Reason for reaching out to a successful life coach (like myself) is to support you in that moment and see you realize that there is help to be found. When you feel helpless and despairing, the best thing you can do is to call a professional life coach and get some advice on how to get out of your current situation.

Christian Life Coaching Services in Brampton.

Life coaches are sometimes called mentors because they share their experience and share their expertise in the life field. Whether you are looking for help with finding a new job, how to deal with a breakup, how to improve your relationship, or how to be more successful, a life coach can help you. There are many types of life coaches. Some are like god or guru type of people who will provide you with the answers to your problems, but usually, they are required to give advice that you agree with, so that you agree with his or her approach. When you agree with his or her advice, you can then apply it. Another type of life coach is one who will motivate you to do what you must do, with some kind of reward. But, when you agree with his or her advice, you can apply it. My advice is practical, Christianity based, and has helped transform hundreds of lives. See the difference on your free consultation call today!

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The key to being a successful life coach is to help you learn from your mistakes and mistakes that you have made in the past. In fact, if you think about what is the key difference between a boss and a life coach, you will see that it is that the boss thinks about and thinks about other people while the life coach takes a step back and lets you think about yourself. Your job is to see your mistakes and learn from them so that you can stop making them in the future. This is the process of self-reflection. And the only way to do this is by creating a space for yourself where you feel free to process and process your feelings and thoughts.